Etovet helps to improve the professional skills of people who work with animals every day. The focus is on animal well-being and behaviour. Our training sessions, courses and workshops are dedicated to: 

  • Veterinarians
  • Behaviourists, animal psychologists, zoopsychologists 
  • Employees of animal welfare  foundations and Animal – Assisted Therapy ( AAT) foundations 
  • Employees of animal shelters 
  • Animal breeders
  • Other people wishing to deepen their knowledge of animal behaviour and the ways of solving problems with dogs and cats 

Most of our training courses and workshops are on  dogs and cats. We collaborate  closely with foreign experts with whom  we conduct workshops, lectures, and training  sessions.

We participate in the organisation of a one-year course  “Cat: Normal Behaviour and Behavioral Abnormalities”. This is a specialised course devoted to the psychology and modification of cat behaviour.

Etovet is also committed  to educating children. We are certain that the welfare of animals and their place in society depends on  future generations.


mgr lek.wet. Agata Sowińska

Mrs. Sowińska  received a Master’s degree in psychology at the University of  Social Sciences and Humanities ( SWPS University) in 2003. Her  thesis covered issues related to exploratory behaviour of animals. In 2006 she graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Warsaw (SGGW). At the beginning of her professional career she focused mainly on issues of internal medicine and anesthesia. In 2007  she completed a postgraduate course of studies in Animal Psychology. She has participated in numerous  courses and training sessions. In 2012 Mrs. Sowińska completed her specialisation course in  Veterinary medicine of small animals and was awarded the title of Small Animals Specialist. In her private life she is a happy mom (daughter – Matilda) and the owner of three dogs. 

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